desertphile's Journal

David Rice
19 August

I live and work in the Carson National Forest as a ranch hand and animal care-taker. I write nature-related articles, political commentary, and humor. I killed my television twenty years ago and would cheerfully do it again at the least provocation. I am the last remaining liberal in America, and dang proud of it.

My personality matches my life: I am passionate and opinionated, and I grant every right to others that I myself demand. Civil and human rights are very important to me.

I have never and will never hurt or abuse any woman, man, or child. In turn, I will never submit myself to injury or abuse, as I have too much respect for myself.

For fun I love to hike the wild places--- from Death Valley, Mojave Desert, the Great Basin, to the Colorado Plateau. I have visited ancient Anasazi ruins that only a handful of other modern people have seen. I have spent nearly ten months living in a cave in the Avawatz Mountain Range monitoring the Thompson Long-eared bat population, studying their behavior, and writing about the experience.

Other fun activities? Hummm. I have sailed a 30-foot boat to Hawaii from California, delivered a power boat from Seattle to Key West via the Panama Canal, and gone sailing in the South Pacific and Caribbean.

Temperamentally, the only thing that raises my ire is injustice: petty annoyances I ignore as unworthy of my angst. The only thing I find offensive is that ability among some people to be easily offended.

I've been somewhat a-social in life, without caring what people think of me: my own self-criticism has been my chief arbitrator. My ethics are very high: I treat others as they wish to be treated, baring only harm (and I'm amazed at how many people seem to desire being treated badly--- such people I avoid).

My musical tastes run to mandolin, dulcimer, banjo, and steel guitar. Reba McEntire is my Goddess; Celen Dion is Her handmaid. Much of the time when I am hiking and exploring, I find myself singing for the joy of it.

My personal heroes: Robert Green Ingersoll, Charles Darwin, Isaac Asimov, Susan Brownell Anthony, Thomas Henry Huxley, Edward Abbey, and Madalyn Murray O'Hair (to name a few of many).